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Last updated Tue 14th August 16:57

Castle Rock


Black Gold


A well rounded dark ale with some bitterness, full bodied, but not overly sweet. An award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste to one of the more traditional of beer styles.

Castle Rock


Harvest Pale


Harvest Pale is brewed with a gently-kilned malt, and an aromatic blend of American hops added during the brewing process gives this pale beer exceptional poise. Its distinct hop flavour leads to a crisp finish.

Castle Rock


Factory No. 6 - Chilwell Blast


A cloudy citrus fruit beer, brewed with fruit on a wheat base

Castle Rock




Brewed to the traditional East Midlands style. Mid-brown / reddish easy drinking full flavoured best bitter is well rounded with some residual sweetness which is balanced with a resinous hop character. A hugely popular beer that deserves to be savoured!



Lobster Tale


A naturally cloudy and an extremely light and refreshing wheat beer



White Label Small Batch Pale #2


The second in our Small Batch series. Malt: Extra Pale, Munich, Wheat, Amber, Caramalt Hops Kettle: Waimea & Cascade Dry Hops: El Dorado Heady floral aroma with a strong citrus and floral flavour.

Oakham Ales


Black Hole Porter


Big, dark malt flavours in this almost black beer combine with a sweet, fruity hop taste to make this strong porter exceedingly drinkable for it's strength

Oakham Ales


Blue Skies IPA


Grapefruit, blackcurrant and pineapple flavours are diving through clouds of zesty lime in this sunburst golden beer.

Magic Rock




Clean yeast character and amped up bitterness. Golden Promise and Crystal malt, plus a little wheat malt for body create a baseline with a hint of sweetness to balance out the heavy hopping. This beer has a huge floral hop and tongue-tingling bitterness that lingers after each sip. A clean flavour and balanced roundness as a platform for the Centennial to shine through.





A stout that delivers an explosion of fresh coffee. With Galena hop in the kettle we hot and cold steeped espresso into this beer at several stages; creating an easy drinking coffee imperial stout.