The Real Ale Database

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The Real Ale Database for Pubs

Do you have an ever changing range of guest ales?

How do you let your customers know what's available?

Are you constantly being asked "What's that one like?"

Show customers what's on the bar and in the cellar complete with tasting notes and pump clips.


Live Beer Listings

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How many beers do you sell?

An ever changing range means constantly finding new tasting notes.

We have tasting notes on this site for over 13,000 beers.

Would you like an easy to manage website?

Get a website with LiveBar

Show your customers what's available with live updates.

Simply add new beers when they are delivered and remove them when they sell out.

NEW - TV feed with automatic beer list information

How much does it cost?

A basic website from only £100 (as a subdomain of this site)

Embed the LiveBar into your own site from £50

If we search for tasting notes for new beers, 50p each (billed monthly)