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Last updated Fri 15th March 15:32

Amber Ales - Chocolate Orange Stout - 4%
Multi award winning ale, simply described as bitter chocolate flavours and a tangy orange edge.
Ards - Citra Double IPA - 8%
This is a single hop strong pale ale made using Citra hops. A malty base with passionfruit and citrus flavours followed by a clean bitterness and a strong alcohol finish
Ards - Fresh Hop 2018 - 4.8%
A pale ale made with floor malted Maris Otter malt and freshly picked locally grown Fuggle hops. Can only be made once a year, enjoy while it lasts
Ards - Scrabo Gold Pale - 4.8%
A very pale ale made with Pilsner and wheat malt & sterling hops. a good malty taste with a spicy lemon hop flavour.
Ards - Vanilla Imperial Stout - 8.6%
This strong stout has been aged nine months on vanilla pods.
Beer Hut - Ahoy Captain! - 7.4%
Our Irish Sea salted IPA takes inspiration from the stormy Irish sea. Brewed with pale ale base malt and caramalt to add character and compliment the salt. Just a hint of salt at that. While there is certainly a big hop presence in this beer (as there should be with any IPA) the salt is definitely the star of the show
Beer Hut - Pale Ale Citra/Ella - 5%
Well balancd pale ale brewed with Citra and Ella hops. Citrus orange flavours and a dry bitter finish.
Black Hole - Milky Way - 6%
A pale wheat beer. Honey and banana nose advises the sweet taste but not the sweet, dry spicy finish from this wheat beer.
Black Sheep - Milk Stout - 4.4%
This is a silky, creamy stout packing notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Brewed with lactose and a robust malt blend, this Milk Stout offers a satisfying sweetness that cuts against a light bitterness, brought together through an irresistible velvet texture.
Black Sheep - Monty Python's Holy Grail - 4%
A light golden beer with a fresh, zesty taste and a long crisp bitter finish. It's brewed with a mixture of hops, including WGV, which gives the beer a light fruity nose.
Blackjack - Devilfish Saison - 5%
A thirst-quenching saison hopped mainly with Amarillo and orange peel
Blackjack - Jack and Gill - 6.8%
A Brut IPA colab with our friends from Lough Gill brewery in Sligo, hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc and a cheeky addition of some fresh Irish Bog Myrtle
Blackjack - Mosaic Light - 3.6%
A hoppy hoppy pale beer. I think you can guess whats in this little beast... Mosaic! And lots of it
Boundary - American Pale Ale - 3.5%
Pale Ale offering a surprisingly full body which allows the hops to remain balanced. Think biscuit, citrus and refreshing. Our APA is not too hoppy and is the perfect gateway, thirst-quenching beer.
Boundary - Wits Out - 5.2%
American Wit with coriander and lemongrass. Collab with The Sunflower and The American
Boutilliers - Swim Until You Can't - 5.4%
Green Hop Saison. Crisp, light, well rounded with a bit of zing and a freshness from the green hops. Yeasty esthers balance out the beer and create a very sessionable style.
Brewsters - Aromantica - 4.2%
This light amber beer has tropical hop notes and aromas of lime and passion fruit, with a touch of roast malt providing a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, before the aromatic, refreshing finish.
Brinkburn Street - Byker Brown - 4.8%
A balanced malty and hoppy brew with chocolate and biscuit notes leading to a subtle, hoppy finish
Bullhouse - Fortune Cookie - 5%
Pale ale with guava and mango flavours
Bullhouse - How Bout Them Pecans? - 5.2%
Robust coffee porter with chocolate flavours and pecan nuts
Bullhouse - Level Up - 6%
New England IPA. Juicy, citrus, and floral flavours, with a more subtle and less piney hop taste than typical IPAs.
Bullhouse - The Dankness - 5.5%
Dank, Hazy, Juicy. Intense tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Full bodied, low bitterness. Brewed with Columbus, Mosaic, Citra and Chinook hops.
Camerons - Strongarm - 4%
A well-rounded, ruby-red ale with a distinctive, tight creamy head; initially fruity with a moderate bitterness coming through. A good balance of hops and bitterness.
Castle Rock - Mint Choc Chip - 4.5%
We've used a dark but low-roast malt bill to really allow for the naturally bitter and fruity cacao to come through, and balanced it out with chocolate, the sweetness of vanilla, lactose and the fresh spike of mint. The mouthfeel of the beer is thick, smooth and decadent
Castle Rock - Sherwood Reserve - 4.5%
Brewed with fresh Columbian coffee beans, Sherwood Reserve is a smooth, balanced and decadent stout, with notes of chocolate and coffee.
Chapter - 3. Dead Man's Fist - 5.5%
This subtly smoked porter slinks smoothly past before being followed by the crack and heat of fiery black pepper. The Hand of Glory, once alight can never be consumed: the opposite is true of our Dead Man’s Fist
Clearsky - Prism - 4.5%
Craft brewed with Irish malt for caramel & toffee notes, Prism is lightly hopped for a soft fruit taste; the roasted barley offers a luscious red colour. The finish is clean.
Cwrw Ial - Kia Kaha! - 4.3%
Hop bomb! More late hops and dry hops than you can shake a stick at
Dancing Duck - Amberillo - 4.8%
Aromatic US hops balanced withbiscuit malt flavours, spicy finish
Downton - Elderquad - 4%
A pale generously hopped session beer. Hints of sweetness, and a subtle elderflower aroma, provide a terrific balance to the hops. A real thirstquencher!
Downton - Honey Blonde - 4.3%
Honey Blonde is a light and refreshing blonde/golden ale, with subtle hints of honey and softly sweet malt. The finish is crisp and refreshing.
Durham - Magus - 3.8%
Extremely pale in colour with refreshing crisp hops. Lemon notes add to the freshness
Eight Degrees - Seisiun - 4.5%
Bright yellow in the glass with a frothy white head with fresh hoppy citrus with light malt notes. Fresh lime zest on the palate with a crisp hop bitterness. Medium light malt body with a clean and dry finish and a refreshing bitter aftertaste.
Eight Degrees - Sunburnt Irish Red - 5%
Classic Irish ale style with complex biscuity malt and slight bitterness in finish
Elgoods - Black Dog - 3.6%
An award-winning cask conditioned traditional dark mild. Well balanced malt and hops gives a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid roasted bitter flavours
Elland - Blackout - 5.6%
Full bodied Oatmeal Stout brewed using a combination of seven types of malt, a deeply complex, rich and moreish beer balanced with the addition of English Challenger hops
Farmageddon - Autumn IPA - 5.5%
Hazy IPA with malty flavours and a slightly bitter finish
Farmageddon - Baltic Porter (Coffee Aged) - 8.5%
We brewed a beefed up version of our Porter and 'dry hopped' it on Sumatran coffee beans, sourced and roasted by Bailies. The beer was left to age and infuse in single malt barrels for 4 months. Expect chocolate, espresso, vanilla, oak and a gentle warmth.
Farmageddon - Big Gold - 7.4%
A fruity, hoppy strong golden ale
Farmageddon - Wet Hop IPA - 5.2%
Slightly hazy burnished dark amber with a loose creamy white head that fades slowly and conceals a light green hop haze. Big tangy sweet pineapple and freshly cut grass nose with spicy pine in the background. Initial taste bears intensely floral aromatic hops with a dry, bitter finish reminiscent of orange oil or orange bitters. The taste continues with a plant sap like richness from the fresh hops, the body and mouth-feel is creamy and the carbonation subtle. It has an aggressive malt backbone offering caramel, vanilla sweetness and a spicy kick. The finish is an explosion of fresh botanicals, citrus peel bitterness and earthy yeast with a long spicy end. The bitterness lasts and lasts
Ferry Ales Brewery - Arh-Wooooo Pumpkin - 4.1%
An American Pumpkin Ale brewed using real pumpkin to make a beer that has a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon to create an ale that tastes similar to a pumpkin pie
Grafton - Apricot Jungle - 4.8%
Made with the English Beata hops, this gives this beer it's unique apricot, honey and almond flavours which then finishes with a pleasant bitterness on the palate.
Great Heck - Amish Mash - 4.7%
Cloudy, hoppy weizen with Apollo, Bravo and Citra hops.
Great Heck - Black Jesus - 6.5%
Black IPA with biblical quantities of premium hops.
Hadrian Border - Grainger Ale - 4.6%
Brewed using a single malt, and hopped with a selection of three varieties giving a well balanced finish. Very pale in appearance because of the Pale Ale Malt used.
Heaney - Dry Irish Stout - 4.3%
A classic Irish Stout. With hints of roast coffee and dark chocolate. A rich mouthfeel and a dry roasted malt
Heaney - Modern Red - 6%
A red beer for the new craft era. We've bumped up the malt bill and finished with a generous dry-hop of US cascade hops. Expect a nod to malt sweetness with a fresh, citrus hop finish.
Hercules - Yardsman - Double Chocolate Mocha Stout - 4.5%
The full bodied, colourful Stout has a strong creamy texture and delicious aroma yet is light and refreshing to drink. It has a velvety smooth finish with a full mouth feel of delicate chocolate and coffee flavours. Its rich colour and clarity comes from doubling the amount of coloured malts used in the brew. The stout is exceptionally well balanced, exceptionally smooth and has a lingering delicate sweetness on the palate
Hercules - Yardsman - Tropical American Rye Ale - 5%
Using American Citra and Cascade hops for a lighter, fruity flavour and aroma, having hints of passionfruit and mango.
Hilden - Headless Dog - 4.2%
A pale hoppy ale produced with North American Cascade hops and Munich malt. This ale is named after the graffiti image of a headless Labrador on the old brew-house wall.
Hilden - New England IPA - 5.5%
Unfined and hazy New England IPA with complex flavours
Hilden - Session IPA - 3.8%
IPA brewed with North American hops
Hillstown - Crazy Horse #2 - 8.5%
Double IPA with Fruity, tropical flavours and rounded sweetness
Hillstown - Full Boar Crew Brut IPA - 6.2%
This super dry style of IPA, delicious fruit-forward 2018 hops giving Pinot gris, raspberries and redcurrant with a hint of light tropical fruit. A dry finish and a pronounced hop bitterness yet full flavoured and creamy
Hillstown - Horny Bull Stout - 7%
Created for our ‘Beer Fed Cattle Project’ at Hillstown Farm , we brewed an Imperial Stout which is strong and full bodied with exceptional depth, flavours enjoyed are coffee and chocolate and fruity hops and notes of roasted malt
Hop Studio - Porter - 4.3%
Strong notes of coffee, chocolate and vanilla dominate this silky smooth porter. Vanilla conditioned, The Hop Studio Porter is relatively light and easy drinking.
Howard Town - Dark Peak - 6%
Dark Peak is a strong dark porter, made with a blend of five malts, and Goldings hops.
Howard Town - Super Fortress - 4.4%
A bittersweet ruby ale with malty caramel notes and fruity hops
Ilkley - Fireside Porter - 4.2%
Fireside is a deep chocolate Porter strongly hopped to add berryfruit with a lasting bitterness and a hint of smoke on the finish. A perfect beer to sip in the Winter's dark evenings
Ilkley - Mangoes Overboard - 4.9%
A spicy wit beer with aromas of banana and cloves and a lasting bitter finish. Soft tropical flavours are balanced by a bready yeast character.
Kelham Island - Kelham Best - 3.8%
A straw coloured, thirst-quenching beer with a strongly hopped flavour and 'nose'
Kettlesmith - Ridgeline - 5%
A rich, flavourful American rye ale. Warming, full-bodied and layered. Explore how the peppery, nutty rye malt is beautifully balanced by the juicy, resinous hops.
Kinnegar - Black Bucket - 6.5%
Black rye, IPA, sticky treacle, spice and bitter.
Kinnegar - Phunk Bucket - 7%
A simple clean take on funky fermentation with a little bit of rye thrown in for added spice.
Knockout Brewing - Cherry Stout - 5%
A complex five malt stout with rich chocolate and coffee flavours infused with cherry.
Knockout Brewing - Citra Pale - 4.5%
Pale ale with tropical citrus and biscuity malt flavours
Knockout Brewing - Irish Red Ale - 4.5%
Our Irish Red Ale is a flavoursome jab on the palate. Take a swig and feel the Willamette hops connect like a haymaker punch with a firm uppercut of malty goodness following in a terrific one-two
Knockout Brewing - McMullans American Pale Ale (APA) - 3.9%
Gluten free American pale ale, brewed with Azacca, Cascade and Simcoe hops
Knockout Brewing - McMullans Farmageddon Gluten Free IPA - 5%
A Gluten Free IPA brewed in collaboration with Farmageddon Brewery.
Lacada - 9 Rubies - 5.5%
A Raspberry “Smoothie” IPA brewed using Oats and Lactose for a sweeter, fuller body. Citra and Mosaic hops enhance a fruit forward flavour.
Lacada - Anarres - 11%
Anarres post Utopian Stout. Expect notes of molasses, blackberry, chocolate, vanilla, raisins which will merge over time.
Lacada - Mangoes Barefoot - 5.5%
Our Mango Smoothie IPA adds Chinook to Citra and Mosaic, tempering the smooth tropical fruit with a bittersweet ending.
Lacada - My Cherie Ramore - 5.5%
A black cherry saison
Lacada - West Bay - 4.6%
This pale ale has been dry hopped with Citra, adding its zesty note to an easy drinking, food friendly beer
Lacada - Zostera - 6.4%
This full bodied Black IPA has a strong blackberry aroma, followed by muted roast flavours from the single dark grain, leading into a slightly spicy bitter finish
Loopland - Citrus Pils - 4.5%
An all natural, unfined pilsner. Bursting with citrus flavours
Lymestone - Cherry Stone - 5.2%
A pale bitter brewed with Biscuit Pale malts which provide the backdrop for this sumptuous fruit beer. Amoretti cherries and Styrian Golding hops delicately combine in this delicious autumn ale.
Mashdown - Dark Town - 5.5%
Malt complexity, complemented by fragrant, hoppy bitterness to create a traditional Irish style, leaving sweet notes of espresso & dark chocolate on the palate
Mashdown - Red Spot - 5.2%
Deep rye richness, lifted by a citrusy hop hit to create a US-style ale with typically complex flavour and aroma
Moor Beer - So'Hop - 4.1%
Golden colour. Heavy hoppy aroma, floral, fruity, citrus. Some malt. Heavy bitter flavour. Long heavy bitter finish.
Mourne Mountain - Mourne Gold - 4%
old from the Mourne Mountains has a distinct composition, containing around 10% silver. The grist of Mourne Gold beer combines lager malt with 10% wheat malt, producing a very pale ale. Continental Brewers Gold hops give a fresh and fruity aroma, making this a beer worthy of its legendary past.
Mourne Mountain - Switchback - 10%
A dark, complex, full bodied ale with a slight nutty character.
Northbound - 08 Kolsch Style - 5%
This bright straw coloured beer is created through the gentle use of German hops and Pilsner malt which imparts a subtle aroma resulting in a smooth and slightly sweet flavour, with a pleasing mild bitter finish
Northbound - Mosaic IPA - 4.5%
Beautiful fruity aromas on the nose, tropical fruit flavours and a mellow bitter finish
O Brother - Joe - 6.4%
A smooth, full and robust porter with an addition of specially selected, hand roasted coffee from Coffee Mojo, Wicklow
O Brother - The Dreamcatcher - 4.5%
Session IPA Hopped up with Citra, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria
Reel Deel - Finn's Knowledge - 4.5%
Brewed in a well of wisdom using the finest Crystal, Munich and Vienna malts along with Amarillo, admiral and Cascade hops. A well balanced, easy drinking ale with a distinctly wise flavour is born.
Reel Deel - Jack The Lad - 4.5%
Jack the lad is a bold, malty pale ale with a hoppy explosion of flavour. New world citrus balancing a solid malt profile
Rudgate - Ruby Mild - 4.4%
Nutty rich ruby ale. Winner of several awards.
Sadlers Ales - Peaky Blinder - 4.4%
Brewed with five different malts and five different hop varieties. Dark and delicious, yet refreshing and hoppy.
Samuels - Passionfruit Ale - 4%
A light, refreshing beer with tropical aromas and a sweet tart flavour balanced with nuances of pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus and guava
St Peters - Fruit Beer (Grapefruit) - 4.7%
Refreshing wheat beer with grapefruit.
Timothy Taylor - Dark Mild - 3.5%
Rich, creamy Dark Mild is a consistent award winner, taking the silver medal in the Brewing 'Oscars' (the Industry International Awards) when last held in 2004. It is especially popular in East Lancashire as well as earning popularity as a niche guest by all lovers of a good mild.
Tiny Rebel - Juicy - 4.8%
Juicy American hops that give a subtle piney bitterness backed up by an explosion of juicy flavours, with hints of citrus and succulent tropical fruits.
Tiny Rebel - Sertified Simcoe - 4%
A single hopped pale showcasing one of our favourite hops, Simcoe! A load of wheat in the malt bill gives body to this liquid hop hit. The aroma is like a handful of tropical fruit on a bowl of muesli, and soft passionfruit comes to the fore in the flavour.
Totally Brewed - Captain Hop Beard - 5.5%
This pacific pale ale is saturated with Australian and New Zealand hops to deliver tropical flavours of pineapple and passion fruit with a background of spice and molasses.
Totally Brewed - Papa Jangles Voodoo Stout - 4.5%
Complex malt flavours. Cookiesand cream. Rum and raisin
Weird Beard - Duke of Dank - 6%
A Pacific Northwest style red IPA. Collab brew with the Dukes Head, Highgate and beer blogger Matt Curtis. We've mashed in speciality malts, like CaraRed, for the desired colour and graham cracker sweetness. You won't feel disappointed by the delicious malt character. A big addition of clean bittering hop, Magnum gives a bitterness lingering in the after-taste. Hearty doses of some of the finest US hops: Chinook, Nugget, Columbus and Simcoe give the beer the dankness we had sought after.
White Hag - The Púca Dry Hopped Lemon Sour - 3.5%
A mixed fermentation beer, brewed with our house cultivated wild yeasts. Moderately tart with a crisp, intensely refreshing finish. Aromas of lemon and citrusy hops. Flavour is reminiscent of fresh ­squeezed lemonade with a subtle, yet well­ balanced hop note
Whitewater - Hallion - 4.2%
Sessionable Irish ruby red ale with caramel toffee flavours and a malty backbone
Whitewater - Upstream Tangerine - 5.5%
A punchy unfiltered APA with a citrussy kick. A pale ale crammed with orange flavours from the real citrus fruit used to flavour it. The orange is pretty full on, but there is a slight bit of sweet malt and light hoppy finish.
Yellow Belly - Belly Dance - 6.9%
Collaboration with Big Belly Brewing. We've taken inspiration from the Pisco Sour, a lime based cocktail made with fermented grape juice. Our beery interpretation is a Fruity IPA at heart, with grape and lime juice added post fermentation. The resulting beer is a hazy orange colour with intense aromas of blood orange, lime, mango & pineapple. This carries through to the taste where the lime flavour is intensified, providing a fresh tartness to the beer which balances with the tropical hop characteristics, in this instance provided by Colombus in the boil and Azacca during dry hop
Yellow Belly - Castaway - 4.2%
Our house Berliner Weisse recipe (soured with our, continuously evolving, barrel stored lactobacillus culture) conditioned on a small tropical islands worth of passionfruit. Expect a lovely fruity aroma, more fruit on the tongue, and even more fruit on the finish all rounded with a gentle acidity from the souring process.
Yellow Belly - High Voltage - 6.7%
Intense vanilla, raisin and chocolate provide the backbone, with a lingering bitter finish bringing everything together. Carbonation is kept low for smooth, full bodied drinking.
Yellow Belly - Hopped in Space - 5.5%
The YellowBelly Beer humanoids used Red X, Vienna, Munich, Pilsner and Cara Clair to give this hazy IPA its deep sun-imploding hue. Mandarina Bavaria was used in the whirlpool, with the dry hop addition a planet-sized amount of Simcoe and Summit. The resulting beer is dank and bursting with citrus fruit flavours, belonging in the West Coast of Space.
York - Centurion's Ghost Ale - 5.4%
Centurion's Ghost is dark ruby in colour, full tasting with a mellow roast flavour balanced by light bitterness and autumn fruit flavours that linger into the aftertaste