Ascot Beer Festival - Allergen Information

Beers served at this festival are produced from cereals (barley and/or wheat, Rye, oats, maize) and as such will contain gluten unless labelled otherwise. Beers and ciders may also have used sulphites in the brewing/production process in very small quantities. For any other specific allergen information provided by the brewer/producer, please see below


Gluten Free
Bar 5 Hambleton Stud Blonde Gluten Free (Accredited)
Bar 6 Hop Back Crop Circle Gluten Free (Not Accredited)
Bar 11 Shiny Affinity Gluten Free (Accredited)
Other Allergens (As well as Gluten)
Bar 6 Indigenous Silly Moo Gluten + Lactose
Bar 8 MoogBrew Apocalypse Cow Gluten + Lactose
Bar 9 Ramsgate Black Pearl Gluten = may contain Oysters
Bar 10 Rebellion Roasted Nuts Gluten + There are NO nuts
Bar 11 Sonnet 43 Seraphim Gluten + Lupin SO42
Bar 11 Sonnet 43 Abolition Gluten + Lupin SO42
Bar 14 Weird Beard Little Things That Kill Gluten + Lactose



None advised