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Last updated Sun 17th December 21:30

Castle Rock


Black Gold


A well rounded dark ale with some bitterness, full bodied, but not overly sweet. An award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste to one of the more traditional of beer styles.

Castle Rock


Harvest Pale


Harvest Pale is brewed with a gently-kilned malt, and an aromatic blend of American hops added during the brewing process gives this pale beer exceptional poise. Its distinct hop flavour leads to a crisp finish.

Black Iris


Bajan Breakfast


An oatmeal pale ale with tropical fruit flavours

Vibrant Forest




The first in our new "Symbiosis" Range. The range will consist of two hop varieties we believe will either blend well together, or contrast each other, to create a mighty display of hoppy prowess. Our first brew is Malus and uses Amarillo and Centennial hops which will combine and provide a soothing lagoon of mandarin, lychee and grape.

Gene Pool


Genetic Code


A cloudy wheat beer brewed using the traditional protein rest method. Clove and banana flavours with a sweet maltiness.



Espresso Pig Stout


Dark stout with a hint of espresso coffee

Castle Rock


Nick's Christmas Ale


A collaboration with Charles Wells as part of the ‘Wandering Brewer’ project, Nick’s Christmas Ale is a deep amber ale brewed with orange peel and cinnamon for a real festive feel.

Welbeck Abbey


Pineapple Lodge


Notes of tropical fruits are balanced with a rich and deep malt backbone from speciality Vienna Malt, giving this beauty of a brew almost pineapple-like flavour.





A Belgian-style amber beer, Milkwood Amber Ale is brewed using pilsner malts, Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. It has a full, robust and fruity flavour.

Nene Valley


Fenland Farmhouse Saison


Complex and extremely refreshing new world Saison with a fruity aroma. The tartness of the beer balances well with the moderate spicy and citrus notes imparted from the Chinook hops.     





Torrside's strongest IPA is a citrus riot of hops - Citra, Centennial, Crystal, Cascade, Bobek, Summit, Apollo & Ahtanum.