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To add beers to your LiveBar, just select the brewery and beer from the drop down boxes, then add your price per pint. The beer will then appear in your beer list on the LiveBar.

To add a new beer to the database is just as easy. Select the brewery, type the beer name, abv and select a beer type. The beer will then be available to select for your LiveBar. The beer will be reviewed and tasting notes and pump clip images will be added by us as soon as possible.

The easy way is to add your beers to the cellar when they are delivered, then you only need to tick a box as they go on or off the bar. This gives us more time to find tasting notes and pump clip images for new beers before they go on your LiveBar.

You can remove beers from your LiveBar and keep them in the cellar for later, or you can delete them completely if you want to. The choice is yours.

Full training can be provided when you sign up and email and telephone support is available to all users.

See these examples of a basic website and LiveBar.

Do you have a website for your pub?

Many pubs do not have a website. There is no way to find out about what beers they have available or what other features they have to offer. Many do not have the time to dedicate to maintaining an online presence when all their spare time is spent running the bar.

Let us do the work for you, and leave you time to run your pub. We can build and manage a website to suit your needs. We can manage your twitter and facebook feeds if necessary too.

Our basic website is great value for money and provides you with an online presence and five pages of static information, images etc. It also includes a LiveBar page showing the full range of your beers with tasting notes and pumpclip images. We can, of course, build a bigger, more complex site if that is what you need.