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After a successful launch, we are now able offer access to all beer festivals.

The first items in our beer festival toolbox are the Beer List Builder and the LiveBar and Beer Festival Microsite.

Our Beer List Builder is the backbone of the system which allows you to create your list of beers online. You enter the brewery and the beer and we provide you with the ABV, tasting notes and pump clip image. You also have the option to add your price per pint and the name of the bar (if you have more than one). You can then download the whole list in Excel format and use the information to create your festival programme and cask end cards.

Our LiveBar for beer festivals is a simple to use, web-based beer list which allows customers to see what beers are available through their smart phone, laptop or web enabled tablet. You can easily update the LiveBar to give customers an up-to-date beer list. This is hosted by us on a dedicated microsite for your festival.

We include a Beer Festival Microsite which gives visitors basic information about the festival and links back to your own website. The microsite also hosts the LiveBar pages which can list your beers in various styles. Listings by price, brewery name or ABV can be included as required.

There are two pricing options for your festival.

Option One allows you to manage your own LiveBar and gives you full access to add beers to your Beer List Builder. This option is currently free of charge and is supported with generic advertising on your beer festival microsite.

Option Two includes all of the functions of Option One, with the added benefit that we attend your festival and maintain and update the site for you. This option comes at a price, but can be offset by selling advertising space on the microsite. We give you our price depending on the festival's requirements and you sell the advertising space. You pay us and keep any surplus.

If you are organising a beer festival, contact us for details. Let us know what information you need and we will tailor your output to your needs. Contact us for more information.