The Alexandra Events

British Sausage Week

First Thursday
of each month

LocAle LogoLocAle Night.

We aim to have at least one LocAle on sale on the first Thursday of each month.

Derby CAMRA defines a LocAle as follows: "CAMRA LocAle is an initiative that promotes pubs which regularly stock at least one real ale which is brewed by a local brewery that is within 20 miles driving distance The geographical shape of the Derby and Amber Valley Branch area means that some breweries are within 20 miles of some parts of the branch area but not others"


Third Thursday
of each month

Castle Rock Brewery has launched NewBrew Night, a scheme to help customers get to know new tastes and tipples from brand new breweries.
Now, the third Thursday of each month becomes NewBrew Night.
The idea is simple – seek out real ales from companies and individuals that have been brewing for fewer than 12 months, put them on sale and then ask customers what they think.