The Alexandra Cellar

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Last updated Sat 17th March 19:03
Old Mill Traditional Mild 3.4% 2.90
A smooth, malty and nutty flavoured mild with hints of dark chocolate finish.

Brains Dark 3.5% 2.90
'Dark' is treacle-coloured with a creamy contrasting head. A velvety smooth pint, Dark has a combination of chocolate, crystal and brown malts providing a clean palate with hints of liquorice and freshly ground coffee.

Top Out Pale Ale - Azacca 3.6% 2.90
Another version of our single hop Pale Ale, this time with Azacca hops. A really tasty little number

Burton Bridge Golden Delicious 3.8% 2.90
Delicate Styrian hop aroma and a dry bitter finish using Challenger hops with Styrion used late in the copper.

North Riding Brewery US Session IPA v31 3.8% 2.90
Version 31 of our US Session uses Comet and Galena hops. Tropical fruit notes from the comet and grapefruit and stone fruit from the galena.

Ossett God's Own Bitter 3.8% 3.00
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Pentrich Calypso 3.8% 2.90
A session-able American hopped pale ale brewed with oats. The Calypso hops lend soft citrus and juicy pineapple flavours, with a moderate bitterness on the finish

XT Four (4) 3.8% 2.90
An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops. Very addictive, and our flagship beer.

Abstract Jungle Abstract Bitter 3.9% 2.90
A flavoursome traditional bitter with a pleasant hop finish.

Mourne Mountain Mountain Melter 3.9% 3.10
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Riverhead Lord Nelson 3.9% 3.00
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Bad Seed Dalliance 4.0% 3.00
Cascade hopped pale with fresh flavours of grapefruit, lychee and citrus from the hop that started the craft beer movement.

Bad Seed Session IPA (Southern Cross, Bravo & Simcoe) 4.0% 3.00
Easy drinking, full on hop flavour. Southern Cross, Bravo and Simcoe hops combine to give big citrus aroma and flavours with of orange and passion fruit.

Top Out Staple 4.0% 3.00
One of our originals, Staple is our best-selling cask beer; a tasty, smooth, session ale that should be part of everybody’s ‘staple’ beer diet. Brewed with Summit and El Dorado hops from the US

Mourne Mountain Glafy Irish Dry Stout 4.1% 3.10
Brewed with water from the Mourne Mountians. Black in colour, of course, from a generous addition of roasted barley, balanced with a spicy hop bitterness.

Mourne Mountain O'Hares Red Ale 4.2% 3.20
Tasting notes coming soon ...

North Riding Brewery Single Hop American Pale Ale - Simcoe 4.3% 3.10
Simcoe Pale Ale has flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit and pine in the taste and aroma.

Ossett Jive Bunny 4.3% 3.10
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Vale of Glamorgan Dark Matter 4.4% 3.10
Blacker than the night sky, a complex malt and hop recipe with flavours of liquorice, coffee and just a hint of blackcurrant.

Castle Rock Fool's Gold 4.5% 3.10
Tropical fruit flavours balanced by subtle caramel malt.

Hydes Beer Studio - Amber Flame 4.5% 3.20
A classy amber coloured ale with malty, biscuit and slight toffee notes. Utilising English Fuggles and Challenger hops this is a well balanced beer with spicy and peppery flavours.

North Riding Brewery Ekuanot 4.5% 3.20
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Abstract Jungle Casual Breakfast Stout 4.6% 3.10
A bold complex stout using unrefined chocolate and a hint of blueberries

Bad Seed Double Dealer 4.6% 3.20
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Castle Rock Elsie Mo 4.7% 3.10
Elsie Mo's name is derived from the low colour Maris Otter Malt from which she's exclusively brewed, and which gives her that tantalising golden hue. A blend of hops, Challenger predominating, tempts you with its aroma and leaves a pleasantly crisp aftertaste.

Abstract Jungle Citra Centennial Pale 4.9% 4.20
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Bad Seed Skeptic 5.0% 3.30
Belgian Stout. Chocolate, pale chocolate and caramel malts combine with a classic Abbey yeast which delivers an unmistakable Belgian twist, notes spice and clove with a deliciously dry finish.

Pentrich Welcome to the Bleak 5.0% 3.20
A sessionable Porter brewed with German smoked malts. These impart a delicate smokiness which compliments the smooth coffee and chocolate flavours and subtle roast notes of the base porter

Atom Uncertainty Principle 5.4% 4.60
Take an IPA, give it some muscles with an extra jolt of abv, throw it through the nine circles of hop hell and back with lots of ever changing hops. Then dry hop it, and again just to squeeze every last drop out of those lupulin filled cones! Always evolving, we give you the Uncertainty Principle.

Conwy San Francisco 5.5% 3.50
Very hoppy with citrus hop followed by malty, biscuity flavours and a long satisfying bitter finish.

Fernandes Rhubarb IPA 5.5% 3.50
A premium pale gold ale infused with new season's Timperley Rhubarb and generous amounts of hops

North Riding Brewery US IPA v12 5.5% 3.60
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Salopian Avarice 5.7% 3.50
A whirlwind of juicy tropical fruit tingled with pineapple and a spicy fresh body that ebbs and flows with a dry floral finish

Atom Catalyst 6.0% 4.80
This American pale ale takes a fair bit of inspiration from the modern east coast breweries. Using oats alongside pale malt gives a rounded texture to the beer and piles of Citra, Simcoe & Amarillo hops provide a tropical hop explosion for balance.

Fuggle Bunny 24 Carrot 6.0% 3.60
This IPA has hints of citrus fruits, spice and blackberries and is what leads fuggle into a whole new world where the unexpected seems to be the norm.

Tyne Bank Mocha Milk Stout 6.0% 4.60
Tasting notes coming soon ...

Loka Polly Citra Simcoe IPA 6.1% 4.80
Unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised juice bomb. A beer that looks and drinks more like pineapple juice than beer. We couldn't possibly add any more aroma with our current kit. We probably couldn't add any more haze to it too.

Atom Critical Temperature 6.5% 3.80
A big and rich beast, with a massive nutty, chocolatey and roasty nose and the unmistakeable aroma of a freshly brewed espresso. It is intensely smooth and rounded, lots of rich sweet chocolate, roast and biscuit provided by the coffee and malts merging perfectly

Vibrant Forest Kaleidoscope 6.5% 3.70
Massively hopped American-style India Pale Ale. Intense citrus hops are abundant in this flavour-packed beer.

Top Out The Cone 6.8% 3.70
Named after the part of the hop plant used in brewing, our Cone gets rave reviews for its intense, complex hop profile: strong and bitter with lots of grapefruit notes. Its All-American Simcoe, Amarillo and Palisade hops are added at four different stages in the brewing process, as well as double dry hopping.