The Real Ale Database is here to help you to organise and manage your beer lists at your pub, club or beer festival.

We provide tools for listing your beers and cellar stocks on your website

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The Real Ale Database is being upgraded

Please bear with us while we fix everything.
The old database decided it doesn't want to play any more, so we have been forced to bring the new system online sooner than planned.

The new system will include all of the usual features including the LiveBar feature, beer festival management tools, beer dips manager and beer finder.

With the new software we are hoping to make it even easier to organise and manage your beer festival, pub or club.

We now have one login for all users. This means that your whether you have a pub with a beer festival or a brewery with a pub, you don't have to keep logging in and out for different functions.

All sites are now migrated to the new system.

There are currently a few functions missing. Email or message me if you need a brewery adding. This function will be available soon.