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Please note that there will be an A4 notice on each cask giving details such as sweetness and style, as well as ABV and price. Please ask the bar staff if you have any questions.

This is the list as ordered and is subject to change and availability. Please check with the festival before making a special journey.

Maker Product County Type ABV
146 Cider Hampshire Heritage Hampshire Cider 6.5
146 Cider Hampshire Perry Hampshire Perry 7.3
All Day Brewing Whisky Cask Norfolk Cider 7.4
Apple Cottage F.T.J. Filthy Tramp Juice Hertfordshire Cider 7.0
Apple Cottage Fred's Perry Hertfordshire Perry 6.7
Apple Cottage Morning Glory Hertfordshire Cider 4.9
Barbourne Golden Drop Worcestershire Cider 5.0
Berties Galanthus Perry Essex Perry 5.0
Berties OBSession Essex Cider 4.5
Biddenden Bushels Kent Cider 6.0
Biddenden Strong Kent Cider 8.0
Blue Barrel Clifton Beauty Nottinghamshire Cider 6.5
Bottle Kicking Rambler Leicestershire Cider 6.0
Burnard's Oakey Dokey Norfolk Cider 5.5
Burnard's Scrumpy Norfolk Cider 6.4
Burnard's Stray Pear 2 (Perry) Norfolk Perry 6.0
Butford Organics Cider Herefordshire Cider 6.0
Cam Valley Scrumptious (SV) Cambridgeshire Cider 7.3
Carter's Essex Cider Essex Cider 6.0
Cassels Bourn Bounty Cambridgeshire Cider 7.0
Castlings Heath Original Suffolk Cider 7.5
Celtic Marches Slack Alice Herefordshire Cider 4.6
Chafford Hellishly Strong Kent Cider 11.0
Chiddingstone Cider Kent Cider 7.5
Ciderniks Combe Raider Berkshire Cider 6.5
Ciderniks Dab Hand Berkshire Cider 6.5
Ciderniks Freebird Berkshire Cider 7.0
Ciderniks Kickstart Berkshire Cider 6.0
Ciderniks Kingston Black Berkshire Cider 6.5
Ciderniks Ten Years After Berkshire Cider 6.5
Ciderniks Yellow Sun Berkshire Cider 6.5
Circle Cider Butchers Boy Wiltshire Cider 5.5
Cleeve Orchard Perry Herefordshire Perry 6.0
Copse House Landshire Medium Dorset Cider 6.0
Cotswold No Brainer Oxfordshire Cider 6.0
Cotswold Yellowhammer Carnival Oxfordshire Cider 6.0
Countryman Medium Devon Cider 6.5
Countryman Sweet Devon Cider 6.5
Crafty Cider Traditional Devon Cider 6.0
Cranborne Chase Farmhouse Medium Dorset Cider 6.0
Cranborne Chase Farmhouse Sweet Dorset Cider 6.0
Cromwell Cavalier Perry Cambridgeshire Perry 6.7
Cromwell Oliver’s Sweetheart Cambridgeshire Cider 6.7
Crones Rum Cask Norfolk Cider 7.5
Crones Special Reserve Norfolk Cider 7.5
Crones User Friendly Norfolk Cider 6.2
Dee Cider Richard’s medium Flintshire Cider 6.0
Delvin End Waltzing Wasp Essex Cider 7.0
Dengie Cider Essex Cider 6.0
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden Dorset Cider 5.0
Dorset Nectar Wild Cat Cider Dorset Cider 5.0
Dorset Star Stargazer Dorset Cider 5.5
Dorset Star Stargazer Dorset Cider 5.5
Dorset Sunshine Cider Dorset Cider 6.0
Dorset Sunshine Light Dorset Cider 5.0
Double Vision Impeared Vision Perry Kent Perry 7.4
Double Vision Medium Kent Cider 7.4
Double Vision Sweet Kent Cider 7.4
East Norfolk Norfolk Hawker Norfolk Cider 6.5
Garden Cider Co. Original Garden Cider Surrey Cider 5.0
Giggler Cider Suffolk Cider 6.3
Green Valley Sweet Devon Cider 5.5
Green Valley Vintage Devon Cider 7.5
Gregg's Pit Perry Herefordshire Perry 7.0
Gwatkin Captain Gwatkin's Rum Cask Herefordshire Cider 7.5
Gwatkin Foxwhelp (SV) Herefordshire Cider 7.8
Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Glamorganshire Perry 4.5
Hallets Blindfold Monmouthshire Cider 6.0
Hallets National Treasure Monmouthshire Cider 5.0
Hallets Perry Monmouthshire Perry 4.5
Handmade Crazy Diamond Wiltshire Cider 6.8
Handmade Crazy Diamond Wiltshire Cider 6.8
Harleston Perry Suffolk Perry 5.5
Hartland Perry Gloucestershire Perry 5.6
Haywood Farm Cider Cornwall Cider 6.0
Haywood Farm Cider Cornwall Cider 6.0
Hecks Kingston Black Somerset Cider 6.5
Hecks Perry Somerset Perry 6.5
Hitchcox cider Hitchcox Dry Oxfordshire Cider 6.8
Hitchcox cider Hitchcox Medium Oxfordshire Cider 6.2
Hitchcox cider Hitchcox Sweet Oxfordshire Cider 6.0
Hogan's Lonely Partridge Perry Warwickshire Perry 5.8
Kent Cider Co Pear Cider Perry Kent Perry 6.0
Kentish Pip Craftsman Kent Cider 6.0
La Cantina Yesterdays Dreams Perry Yorkshire Perry 6.0
Lawrence's Cider - Dry Dorset Cider 6.0
Lawrence's Cider - Sweet Dorset Cider 6.0
Little Red Rooster Cider Perry Sussex (East) Pider 8.4
Little Red Rooster Cider Perry Sussex (East) Pider 8.4
Llanblethian Orchards Orchard Blend Glamorganshire Cider 6.0
Mad Apple Dry Somerset Cider 6.0
Mayfly Herts Desire Hertfordshire Cider 6.1
McCrindles Perry Gloucestershire Perry 5.5
Minchew Perry Gloucestershire Perry 6.7
Mr Whitehead's Cirrus Minor Hampshire Cider 5.0
Mr Whitehead's Devil's Device Hampshire Cider 8.4
Mr Whitehead's Midnight Special Perry Hampshire Perry 5.0
Mr Whitehead's Novo Pyrus Perry Hampshire Perry 7.0
Mr Whitehead's Rum Cask Hampshire Cider 7.0
My'n'ers Traditional Farmhouse Hampshire Cider 6.5
My'n'ers Traditional Farmhouse Hampshire Cider 6.5
My'n'ers Traditional Farmhouse Hampshire Cider 6.5
Nempnett Piglet's Perry Somerset Perry 7.0
New Forest Kingston Black SV Hampshire Cider 7.4
New Forest Traditional Hampshire Cider 7.0
Newton Court Panting Partridge Perry Herefordshire Perry 5.8
Newton Court Yarlington Mill (SV) Herefordshire Cider 6.1
Oliver's Classic Perry Herefordshire Perry 6.0
Oliver's Shazam Herefordshire Cider 6.5
Pine Trees Farm Dudda's Tun Kent Cider 5.5
Pookhill Dabinett (SV) Sussex (East) Cider 4.0
Potton Press Pyder Bedfordshire Cider 7.0
Potton Press Sweet Spot Bedfordshire Cider 7.4
Purbeck Cider Dorset Dabinett SV Dorset Cider 5.0
Purbeck Cider Joe's Sweet Dorset Cider 4.5
Purbeck Cider Muddy Scamp Dorset Cider 6.9
Radnage Cider Co. One Eyed Vince Buckinghamshire Cider 6.2
Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Perry Monmouthshire Perry 4.0
Red Dog Cider Oxfordshire Cider 6.5
Rich Farmhouse Somerset Cider 6.0
Rogers' Bone Dry Dorset Cider 5.9
Rogers' Furze Cutter's Distraction Dorset Cider 4.5
Ross on Wye Broome Farm Perry Herefordshire Perry 6.0
Ross-On-Wye Whiskey Oak Cask Herefordshire Cider 7.0
S.O. Cider Barrel No.5 Cambridgeshire Cider 6.7
S.O. Cider Re-Discovery Cambridgeshire Cider 6.5
Salt Hill cider Autumn Gold Berkshire Cider 5.0
Salt Hill cider Merry England Berkshire Cider 6.0
Salt Hill cider Urban Fox Berkshire Cider 6.0
Severn Cider Farmhouse Gloucestershire Cider 5.3
Sheppy's Cider Somerset Cider 6.0
Sherborne Cider Traditional Farmhouse Dorset Cider 6.0
SiDa Maxonian Mist Cheshire Cider 6.0
Simon's Annie Elizabeth (SV) Cambridgeshire Cider 7.0
Spinney Abbey Monk and Disorderly Cambridgeshire Cider 5.6
Thirsty Farmer Cider Nottinghamshire Cider 5.5
Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle East Lothian Cider 7.4
Turner's Cider Kent Cider 7.0
Tutts Clump Berkshire Diamond Berkshire Cider 4.5
Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry Berkshire Perry 6.0
Tutts Clump Jazz (SV) Berkshire Cider 5.5
Tutts Clump Perry Berkshire Perry 6.0
Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire Berkshire Cider 7.0
Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire Berkshire Cider 7.0
Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Berkshire Cider 6.0
Twisted Cider Misty Cider Dorset Cider 6.0
Ty Gwyn Festival Ferret Monmouthshire Cider 6.5
Udders Orchard Whisky Cask Yorkshire Cider 6.5
Ventons Apple Vice (Straw Pressed) Devon Cider 6.0
Ventons Skippy's Scrumpy Devon Cider 6.0
Ventons Sweet Maid in Devon Devon Cider 6.0
Virtual Orchard Saxon Aelle Buckinghamshire Cider 5.0
Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry Dumfrieshire Perry 5.0
Waulkmill Wallace 1305 Dumfrieshire Cider 5.0
West Croft Janet's Jungle Juice Somerset Cider 6.0
West Milton Real Cider Dorset Cider 5.0
Whin Hill Browns (SV) Norfolk Cider 5.4
Whin Hill Perry Norfolk Perry 5.6
Winkleigh Sam's Cider Devon Cider 6.0
Wise Owl Cider Kent Cider 6.0
Wise Owl Cider Kent Cider 6.0
Woodley Sider Five Point Eight Berkshire Cider 5.8
Woodley Sider Oak Aged BC Sider Berkshire Cider 4.9
Woodley Sider TWW Sider Berkshire Cider 6.3
Wyatts Berkshire Gold Bone Dry Berkshire Cider 5.5
Wyatts Berkshire Gold Medium Berkshire Cider 5.5
Festival Blend Cider   Cider 6.5


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