Welcome to The Real Ale Database.

Ever gone into a bar and seen a new beer? Mystery Beers

Wondered what it tastes like?

Asked the staff about it?

Been told "I don't know, it's a new one"?

Our aim is to list as many of the draught real ales and craft beers available in the UK as we can, along with the brewers' own tasting notes. We would love to taste them all and report back, but after the first few pints, typing becomes a bit of a problem.

We are currently in the process of populating the database and have over 9000 beers entered so far. We are adding more beers, pump clip images and tasting notes each week.
Try our new 'Find a Beer' page to search for your favourite brew. If it's not there, drop us a line and we'll do our best to add it.

Beer Festivals

We are now working with a number of beer festivals to design our beer festival tools.
Festival organiser can choose their beer list and download the tasting notes in a single excel file. It also generates a list of their beers on this site. See an example beer festival microsite here. This year, we are providing this as a free service to selected beer festivals.


LiveBar is the name we give to our database enabled web pages. We will be giving pubs a page on which their beers are listed. This page can be integrated into an existing site or, for a modest fee, we can build a site for you.

See these examples of a basic website and LiveBar.