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What can we do for brewers?

We will host your beer information for you. Tell the other websites to search for it here. This way you only type the information in once. No more sending your information to a dozen different websites.Brewery

Our LiveBar feature links to the brewery information and shows a pump clip image with the option to load a full sized image for use on the bar.

Benefits of joining us;

Do you have a website for your brewery?

Many breweries do not have a website. There is no way to find out about what beers they produce or how to contact them to buy their beers. Many do not have the time to dedicate to maintaining an online presence when all their spare time is spent brewing.

Let us do the work for you, and leave you time to brew your beer. We can build and manage a website to suit your needs.

We'll ensure that the other relevant websites are aware when you launch new beers, and make sure they have access to tasting notes and pumpclips. We can manage your twitter and facebook feeds if necessary too.

Our basic website is great value for money and provides you with an online presence and five pages of static information, images etc. It also includes a LiveBar page showing the full range of your beers with tasting notes and pumpclip images. We can, of course, build a bigger, more complex site if that is what you need.

What can brewers do for us?

Brewers are encouraged to add their own information to the database, but we are aware that there are many brewers in the UK who have very little spare time for such things, this is why we are trying to get as much information loaded ourselves.

What we need from brewers is that they make information available to us. You'd be suprised how many breweries in the UK have no website or don't update when they introduce a new beer. (We can build and maintain your website for you if you don't have the time).

We need to be able to find the tasting notes and pump clip image for all of your current beer range, or we can only add basic information.

These beers are missing either pump clips or tasting notes. If you can help, please contact us.

You can email it to us at , or post it to our facebook page, or just keep your website fully up-to-date. We will find the information if you make it available.

Contact us for details