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Last updated Fri 07th October 17:31
Locale Alecraft Half Centennial 2.8%
A pale, light and hoppy ale that hop punches above it's weight.

Locale Alecraft Pastures New 5.0%
Amazing hop punch from choice new world hop varieties.

Allendale Wolf 5.5%
A beautiful blood red coloured, full bodied beer. With a medium bitterness and a fruity blackcurrant aroma coming from Williamette hops. At 5.5% abv. This really is beer with bite!

Amber Ales Chocolate Orange Stout 4.0%
Multi award winning ale, simply described as bitter chocolate flavours and a tangy orange edge.

Locale Ampthill India Pale Ale 4.5%
A classic IPA that is hoppy with a dark twist - a soon to be modern classic.

Ayr Jolly Beggars 4.2%
A traditional Best Bitter style beer with a malty backbone and the flavours of toffee, fruit and citrus hops. Hopped with German Brewers Gold.

Ayr Leezie Lundie 3.8%
A pale golden session ale with the flavours of sweet citrus and soft fruits and a floral aroma. Hopped with Slovenian grown Styrian Golding.

Locale B & T Aragon 4.7%
Golden coloured brew, strong floral hop aroma and a well balanced flavour, with fruitiness leading to a lingering bittersweet finish.

Locale B & T Plum Mild 3.8%
Dark mild with a subtle hint of plums.

Locale B & T Shefford Plum Porter 4.5%
A nice porter, a bit reminiscent of Titanic's Plum Porter but at a lower strength.

Blindmans Buff 3.6%
Amber coloured smooth session beer

Blindmans Hoptical Illusion 4.2%
A mid brown blended hop ale, with a malty smooth taste, making it very easy to quaff.

Brecon Brewing Gold Beacons 4.2%
Deep golden ale brewed with Progress and Pioneer hops for a soft yet well defined bitterness, which balances the blend of malts.

Brecon Brewing Welsh Beacons 3.7%
A delightful golden traditional Welsh Ale brewed with pale, gold, oat & wheat malts for a full flavour, with a refresheing blend of british hops.

Locale Brewhouse & Kitchen Intrepid 4.2%
Hoppy American style pale ale with resinous grapefruit flavours.

Locale Brewhouse & Kitchen Oktoberfest 5.5%
Lager style beer.

Locale Bucks Star Magiovinium 4.5%
A coffee stout made with beans from Bogota Coffee Co

Locale Bucks Star No 1 Pale Ale 4.0%
Good balance between malt and hops, light, dry and refreshing character with a lingering bitter finish.

Locale Buntingford Avro Anson 3.6%
Dark amber bitter

Locale Buntingford Polar Star 4.4%
A truly pale blonde in colour, this beer is heavily hopped to give a really refreshing citrus-hop kick. Pineapple, Peach & Grapefruit hop flavours abound in levels that are such that you don't need to read the tasting notes to spot them

Coach House Gunpowder Strong Mild 3.8%
Biscuity dark brown mild with a blackcurrant sweetness, bitterness and fruit dominate with some hints of caramel and a slightly stronger roast flavour.

Coach House Taverners Autumn Ale 5.0%
Fruity and bitter, with a light dry aftertaste. Dark golden in colour, nutty, warming and autumnal

Colchester AK Pale 3.7%
1900's pale ale, mildly hopped. Fresh and fruity.

Colchester Red Diesel 4.2%
Red best bitter, well balanced with a long rich finish

Locale Concrete Cow Fenny Popper 4.0%
A golden, refreshing zesty beer (named after the six small local 18th century cannons known as the Fenny Poppers). Bags of grapefruit and passion fruit citrus flavour with some dryish bitter finish.

Locale Concrete Cow Old Bloomer 4.7%
Premium bitter using stalwart English Challenger and Fuggles hops for a spicy, earthy flavour combined with juicy darker crystal and chocolate malts.

Deverell's Darkside 4.8%
Rich, black, complex stout with a hint of coffee. Brewed with fair-trade coffee

Deverell's Redemption 4.5%
Full-flavoured, red best bitter, sweet with caramel notes

Exeter Avocet 3.9%
Devon's original organic real ale. Since it's creation in 2008, this ale has been a favorite from the start. A distinctly flavoured beer, with a refreshing citrus taste and an attractive aroma.

Exeter Darkness 5.1%
Black and velvety as midnight. This is a well-balanced but complex chocolate stout. Deliciously smooth, made with our special recipe which include seven separate grain types. The rich bitter-chocolate taste is created using a complex mash of premium malts including Chocolate Malt, which derives its characteristic coffee/chocolate flavour and aroma from subtle roasting during the malting process.

Exmoor Ale 3.8%
This light chestnut-brown session beer has a fresh, grainy, biscuity nose with a hint of fresh citrus fruit in the background, while the palate tingles with grainy, biscuity maltiness and a sprightly citrusy fruity centre with a suggestion of mint. The refreshing finish is a Challenger hop-driven bittersweetness co-existing with a lingering dryness, while traces of biscuity maltiness, the merest whisper of chocolate and more fruit also make an appearance. The sort of finish that says 'do have another sip'.

Exmoor Wild Cat 4.4%
This is a single-hopped ale, with Fuggles providing deep booming earthy hop notes on the nose. Malt is the king on the palate with hints of autumn berries, chocolate, toffee and caramel ruling the roost, until the long dry finish, which also has a subtle restrained fruitiness.

Falstaff Jubilee 4.0%
Pale amber with rich floral aromas. Well balanced hop and malt flavours with hints of pine and a long hopped finish

Franklins English Garden 3.8%
A rich hop aroma is balanced by biscuity malt with a slight sweetness and is wrapped up in a wave bright golden colour.

Franklins Mama Knows Best 4.1%
A traditional yet modern, essentially British Best Bitter. Mosaic hops add citrus, mango and an earthy pine bitterness to this malty caramel classic.

Hafod Landmark 4.6%
Moreish full-bodied copper ale with juicy malt flavours, a fruity aroma and a smooth bitter finish.

Hafod Sunrise 3.8%
A pale, refreshing ale with good citrus flavours and a crisp, bitter finish.

Locale Haresfoot Old Tiney 4.8%
Old Tiney is a deep dark and well-rounded richness is created by dark crystal malt and roasted barley producing a robust porter with an undertone of natural plum balanced by First Gold and Goldings hops

Locale Haresfoot Wild Boy 3.7%
Wild Boy has superb character derived from wonderful Wakatu and Waimea Kiwi hops generating plenty of floral and citric hop aromas. Wild Boy is smooth malt and vanilla with a soft and dry finish giving way to long bitter-sweet notes.

Locale Hart Family Brewers Harts No. 3 4.7%
Malty, spicy notes with rounded sweet malty flavours supported by gentle spicy hoppiness.

Locale Hart Family Brewers House Beer 3.6%
Session bitter with floral hop aroma and flavour and a dry finish

Holdens Black Country Mild 3.7%
A bold chestnut-red mild with nutty biscuit notes with a delicious hint of chocolate. Brewed using amber malt, caramalt, black malt and choicest fuggles it is an easy drinking traditional black country mild.

Holdens Special Bitter 5.1%
A sweet, malty, full-bodied amber ale with hops to balance in the taste and in the good, bitter-sweet finish.

Hope SX Gold 4.2%
Refreshing golden ale with honey and a blend of malts and hops.a

Locale Hornes Dark Fox 3.8%
An easy drinking traditional dark bitter brewed with a blend of four malts and three UK hop varieties, delivering cedar, pine and light floral notes.

Locale Hornes Triple Goat Porter 4.6%
This earthy robust porter with a balanced sweetness is delivered from a delicious blend of roasted malts, UK and American hops.

Inveralmond Lia Fail 4.7%
A dark, robust, full bodied beer with a deep malty taste, smooth texture and hoppy aroma. The beer is rich with a well-balanced and satisfying sweetness with chocolate notes.

Inveralmond Pundie 5.0%
A great burnished copper strong ale. The malt palate is finely balanced with Saaz hops to give a full-flavoured yet refreshing beer. A guid strong ale.

Jo Cs Norfolk Ales Bitter Old Bustard 4.3%
This russet coloured ale carries warm nutty biscuit flavours coming through a smooth malt body. Bitter old Bustard is given a delicious hoppy balance with three of England's finest varieties.

Jo Cs Norfolk Ales Knot Just Another IPA 5.0%
A golden, hoppy, true-to-style IPA, brewed using Norfolk-grown Maris Otter barley with a good blast of British Bodicea hops to provide a flavoursome finish

Lacons Audit Ale 8.0%
This strong dark copper barley wine has a prominent flavour of berry fruit, laced with pronounced spice. The finish is warming, smooth and sweet. A unique style of beer with 'hop wine' overtones

Lacons Falcon 4.2%
A time honoured classic dark bitter with an auburn glint. Elaborately balanced use of hops and malt paves the way to complex flavours which are charming and lightly spiced. The finish is perfectly balanced between fruitiness and bitterness.

Locale Leighton Buzzard Black Buzzard 5.8%
A crazy marriage of six different malts delivers a wonderful, complex, robust porter with hints of coffee and chocolate

Locale Leighton Buzzard Restoration Ale 4.6%
A mid brown best beer with similarities in colour and strength to a traditional best bitter but benefiting from the generous use of American Cascade and Perle hops to deliver a fruity refreshing beer.

Littleover Dazzler 4.5%
A beautifully refreshing summer ale packed with hops from far and wide. With taste and aroma of tangerines and the kick of an IPA, a lovely ale to relax with in the beer garden

Loddon Bamboozle 4.8%
A strong pale ale heavily hopped with English Goldings. The Pale ale malt gives the beer a clean and crisp background.

Loddon Hullabaloo 4.2%
English Fuggles impart a dry, herby bitterness which is balanced by the distinctly biscuity flavour of Crystal and Amber malts..

Malt the Brewery Icknield 4.5%
A deep, complex and exceptionally moreish stout. A celebration of provenance and tradition made with all British malts and hops.

Malt the Brewery Missenden Pale Ale 3.6%
Light amber with floral hops.

Maxim Double Maxim 4.7%
Brewed using Maris Otter & Crystal Malts and English Golding Aroma Hops. It delivers a mouth of full and rounded flavour that is well balanced and smooth and leaves a pleasant and lingering and slightly sweet aftertaste.

Maxim Maximus 6.0%
A strong and warming beer that is also smooth and easy to drink, dark ruby in colour, Maximus is described as smooth, sweet, with a hint of liquorice.

Milton Marcus Aurelius 7.5%
Imperial Roman Stout - an enormous, luscious and velvety stout. Bursting with dark, roasty flavour with an underlying vanilla richness.

New River Blind Poet 4.5%
A smooth dark porter with four malt varieties providing lightly smoked, liquorice and chocolatey flavours.

New River London Tap 3.8%
A thirst-quenching modern Pale Ale. Bursting with delicious hoppiness it delivers a clean, dry, refreshing taste.

Oakham Ales Blue Skies IPA 6.0%
A traditional IPA with lots of Simcoe, Mosaic and Chinook hops and a hefty ABV to give it some clout

Oakham Ales JHB 3.8%
A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours.

Old Mill Bullion 4.7%
A rich coloured ale brewed with crystal and roasted malts to give a mellow and distinctive hoppy flavour with a slightly bitter and malty aftertaste.

Old Mill Red Goose 4.2%
A symbol of 51 Squadron RAF. A rich, Ruby, Malty beer.

Otley O10 Oxymoron 5.5%
Black IPA Style bitter using German Carafa malt and 5 different hops. Dry hopped because we could!

Otley O2 Croeso 4.2%
Light golden ale full of citrus hop aromas. Dry hopped with American hops.

Locale Papworth Red Kite 4.4%
Sweet ruby ale with a strong hop finish bursting with tropical fruit flavours

Locale Papworth Robin Goodfellow 5.5%
A very dark and full bodied ale with a strong hop aroma. Heavy and complex malts softened with dark fruit flavours and a mischievously smooth yet hoppy finish that belies its strength

Locale Phipps NBC Bison Brown 4.6%
A smooth malty brew with a balance of flavours. With the creamy texture of a stout but the hoppy character of a strong ale; the best of both worlds in one bottle.

Locale Phipps NBC Red Star 3.8%
Brewed by Grainstore Brewery. A deep red, nutty bitter based on the old NBC recipe. Red Star is made with the traditional Mild Ale malt variety that was a staple of NBC bitters and milds in the 1950s.

Prospect Nutty Slack 3.9%
A delicious dark mild with hints of liquorice and a smooth malty taste. Part of our core beer range. Named after a type of coal much prized for its slow-burning qualities.

Prospect Whatever 3.8%
A pale straw coloured ale blended with four different hop varieties to give a intensely hopped clean flavour and a grapefruit aroma.

Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose 4.6%
A delicious dark ale with a deep malt flavour from roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from Bramling Cross hops.

Locale Red Brewery Kangaroo Ale 5.4%
A Bronze Ale, malty entry with a toffee and caramel palate, mild citrus finish

Locale Red Brewery One Brown Mouse 4.0%
A Southern style brown ale. Slightly Spicy and Soft Fruit aromas with a biscuity, fresh, full flavour.

Locale Red Squirrel Mad Squirrel APA 4.7%
A golden amber American pale ale packed with a floral tropical aroma and hoppy citrus kick.

Locale Red Squirrel Raspbeery Pale Ale 4.5%
This refreshing summer beer is late hopped for low bitterness, and unfined to maximise flavour and retain its deep reddish hue. Made with real fruit and packed with fruity hops

Rock Golden Years 4.0%
Hoppy golden session ale with Perle and Target hops

Rock Rebel Rebel 4.2%
Hoppy best bitter with a fruit character.

Salopian Lemon Dream 4.5%
A wheat beer very much in the modern English style - served bright and top fermented. The recipe uses a small amount of fresh lemon to compliment the citrussy flavours produced by the wheat malt. Each of the Hops used, Goldings, Saaz and Cascade add fresh lemony flavours to the brew.

Salopian Shropshire Gold 3.8%
Golden, with a flora aroma and a full hoppy flavour that is balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish

Shugborough Mi Ladys Fancy 4.6%
Zesty lemon and lime, sweeter citrus and a pithy malt bitterness. A light floral edge, particularly on the nose

Locale Silverstone Octane 4.8%
This pedal-to-the-metal golden ale is full of power, rich in malts to give a mellow slightly coffee aroma. The depth of flavour delivered by using only English hops pushes this ale to the front of the grid.

St Georges By George 3.6%
An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and citrus notes from the Amarillo hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer

St Georges Worcester Sauce 4.3%
A chestnut coloured ale brewed using the finest English malt. A combination of English and American hops give a hoppy aroma and a strong bitter finish.

St Peters Grapefruit Beer 4.7%
Refreshing wheat beer with grapefruit.

St Peters Mild 3.7%
Traditional mild with sweetness balanced by bitter chocolate malt. Low in hops but not in flavour.

Strathaven Ales 500 7.0%
A smooth, full flavoured amber ale with a subtle tropical fruit and lemon zest tones balanced by the foundation of 5 malts. Made in recognition of the 500th brew at Craigmill.

Strathaven Ales Claverhouse Red Ale 4.5%
Claverhouse is a red ale brewed with Scottish Crystal malt and what is described as red malted barley. It is hopped with US hops from the state of Oregon.

Three Castles Autumn Daze 4.4%
Aroma is fruity, wooden, mild nuttiness and some vanilla. Flavour is wood, some fruityness as well as mild nuttiness. A bit grassy and mild spices towards the finish

Three Castles Barbury Castle 3.8%
Balanced, easy drinking pale ale with a wonderful aroma and a hoppy finish

Turpins Cambridge Black 4.6%
A combination of coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate provide a refreshing beer with bold flavours, dark colours and smooth finish

Turpins True Blue Through and Through 3.9%
Amber session bitter with fruity hop flavours

Locale Verulam Farmers Joy 4.5%
A light hop bouquet leads to a full, burnt malt, flavour balanced with citrus hops. Bitter finish

Wantsum 1381 3.8%
A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centenial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas

Locale Wells Bombardier Reserve 5.0%
Stronger, hoppier version of their leading brand.

Locale Wells Courage Directors 4.8%
Full bodied with a clean, bitter taste, balanced with a sweet burnt, malty and fruity notes with a distinctive dry-hop aroma and flavour.

Locale Wells Golden Cauldron 4.1%
A golden ale with a hint of sweet caramel. A pine hop aroma is followed by a sweet citrus finish.

Locale Wells Young's Special 4.5%
Amber in colour, Young's Special has a fruity, slightly estery nose with a good hop aroma and full round flavour, a fine balance between malt and hops.

Wensleydale Gamekeeper 4.3%
Brewed with plenty of Crystal malt and Magnum hops, creating a massively satisfying, juicy flavour.

Wensleydale Gold 4.5%
A golden ale combining powerful new world hops and the lightest of kilned malt to produce a highly quaffable beer. A perfect mid-range abv beer, that goes well with spicy foods, ao enjoyed perfectly well as a meal in itself!

Locale White Park Cranfield Bitter 4.4%
Amber and malty, full flavoured bitter

Locale White Park Moonshine 5.2%
Strong pale ale, fresh in taste, slightly peppery, continental style beer

Windswept Weizen 5.2%
A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel.

Windswept Wolf 6.0%
A dark and powerful brew named after the Wolf of Badenoch, infamous for burning down Elgin cathedral in 1390.

Yorkshire Heart Heartger Lager 5.0%
Lager malts blended with lovely citrus hops to create our unique hearty lager.

Yorkshire Heart Hearty Bitter 3.7%
A sparkling clear chestnut brown bitter full of rich aromas of roast malt. The bitterness and flavour of the hops comes in at the finish to create a truly thirst quenching beer.