Ascot Beer Festival - LiveBar

These are the beers we had in 2017. Come back in September 2018 to see what we're ordering for next year.

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Last updated Sun 22nd October 19:05
Abbeydale Bitter
Absolution 5.3%

Abbeydale Pale
Moonshine 4.3%

Acorn Bitter
Barnsley Bitter 3.8%

Acorn Golden
Barnsley Gold 4.3%

Anarchy Brown
Boot Boys Brown Ale 5.0%

Anarchy Blonde
Citra Star 4.1%

Arbor Ales Pale
Why Kick a Moo Cow 5.5%

Locale Ascot Golden
5/4 Favourite 4.6%

Locale Ascot Bitter
Accumulator 5.0%

Locale Ascot Porter
Dark Horse 4.5%

Locale Ascot Bitter
Final Furlong 4.2%

Locale Ascot Golden
Gold Gup 4.0%

Locale Ascot Dark
On The Rails 3.8%

Locale Ascot Bitter
Starting Gate 3.8%

Aylesbury Brewhouse Speciality
Rudi 3.9%

Locale Binghams Bitter
Brickworks Bitter 4.2%

Locale Binghams Stout
Coffee Stout 5.0%

Binghams Pale
Hop Project - Cascade & Columbus 4.5%

Locale Binghams IPA
Pith and Zest 5.0%

Locale Binghams IPA
Space Hoppy 5.0%

Locale Binghams Bitter
Twyford Tipple 3.7%

Locale Binghams Stout
Vanilla Stout 5.0%

Locale Binghams Porter
Woodsmoke Porter 5.0%

Blue Bee Pale
American 5 Hop (v24) 4.3%

Blue Bee Speciality
Ginger Beer 4.5%

Locale Bond Brews Pale
Bengal Tiger 4.3%

Locale Bond Brews Bitter
Best Of British 4.0%

Locale Bond Brews Pale
Goldi-Hops 3.9%

Locale Bond Brews Pale
Pikes Peak 4.5%

Locale Bond Brews Porter
Railway Porter 4.5%

Brass Castle Porter
Bad Kitty 5.5%

Brass Castle Golden
Cliffhanger 3.8%

Brass Castle IPA
Session Mini IPA 3.6%

Bristol Beer Factory Pale
Independence 4.6%

Bristol Beer Factory Golden
Nova 3.8%

Burning Sky Pale
Aurora 5.6%

Burning Sky Pale
Plateau 3.5%

Canterbury Brewers Porter
Streetlight Porter 5.8%

Castle Rock Pale
Harvest Pale 3.8%

Caveman Pale
Citra 4.1%

Coach House Speciality
Banoffee Bitter 4.2%

Coach House Speciality
Honey Pot Bitter 3.8%

Crafty Brewing Pale
Crafty One 4.2%

Crafty Brewing Bitter
Hop Tipple 4.2%

Dark Star Pale
American Pale Ale 4.7%

Dark Star Stout
Espresso 4.2%

Dark Star Pale
Hophead 3.8%

Dartford Wobbler Bitter
Peddler's Best 4.0%

Downlands Speciality
Papa Junior 4.4%

Downlands Bitter
Red October 5.2%

Downlands Pale
Root Thirteen (13) 3.6%

Downton Speciality
Chocolate Orange Delight 5.8%

Downton Golden
Honey Blonde 4.3%

Downton Golden
Hopoholic 4.0%

Locale Elusive Speciality
Fruit Catcher 4.1%

Locale Elusive Bitter
Level Up - Level 8 (Mosaic & Columbus) 5.0%

Locale Elusive Porter
Spellbinder Coffee Porter 6.0%

Locale Elusive Speciality
Summer Zestquinox 4.5%

Empire Pale
Jonah 4.3%

Exit 33 Golden
Hop Monster 4.5%

Exit 33 Golden
Mosaic 4.1%

Fallen Acorn Golden
Hole Hearted 4.7%

Fallen Acorn Bitter
Twisted Oak 4.0%

Fisher's Bitter
Amber Ale 4.0%

Fisher's Blonde
Blonde Ale 3.5%

Flipside Golden
Golden Sovereign 4.2%

Flower Pots IPA
Flower Pots IPA 6.0%

Flower Pots Pale
Perridge Pale 3.6%

Flower Pots IPA
Sparks 4.1%

Great Heck Dark
Black Jesus 6.5%

Great Heck Golden
Christopher 4.5%

Great Heck IPA
Treasure IPA 4.8%

Great Heck Mild
Voodoo Mild 4.3%

Gyle 59 IPA
Jack The Red IPA 5.1%

Gyle 59 Pale
Take it Easy 2.5%

Gyle 59 Golden
Thoroughbred 3.7%

Hambleton Blonde
Stud Blonde 4.3%

Hammerpot Speciality
Brighton Belle 4.6%

Hammerpot Bitter
Northbrook Harvest 4.8%

Hand Brew Pale
High Five Dry Hopped Pale 4.6%

Hand Brew Porter
Tamper Man Cold Brew Porter 5.2%

Locale Hogs Back Bitter
Hogs Back Bitter (HBB) 3.7%

Locale Hogs Back Golden
Home Harvest 4.0%

Locale Hogs Back Golden
Surrey Nirvana 4.0%

Locale Hogs Back Bitter
Traditional English Ale (TEA) 4.2%

Hop Back Pale
Crop Circle 4.2%

Hop Back Bitter
Red Ember 4.6%

Horbury Pale
Gold 3.9%

Horbury Pale
Now Then 3.8%

Ilkley Pale
Mary Jane 3.5%

Indigenous Blonde
Frisky Mare 4.2%

Indigenous Mild
Nosey Parker 5.5%

Indigenous Stout
Silly Moo Milk Stout 4.2%

Kelham Island Pale
Pale Rider 5.2%

Kent Pale
Session Pale 3.7%

Kent Golden
Zingiber 4.1%

Kew Bitter
Botanic 3.8%

Kew Bitter
Falling Leaves 4.7%

Kew Pale
Pagoda Pale No.1 4.4%

Kirkby Lonsdale Golden
Single Track 4.0%

Kissingate Mild
Black Cherry Mild 4.2%

Kissingate IPA
Mandarina Red 4.8%

Kissingate Porter
Micro Lot Coffee Porter 5.0%

Langham Blonde
Decennium 4.0%

Langham Blonde
Hip Hop 4.0%

Langham Dark
Triple XXX 4.4%

Locale Little Beer Co. Speciality
Little Geyser 3.5%

Locale Little Beer Co. Bitter
Little Tenderness (Green Hopped) 5.4%

Locale Loddon Pale
Bamboozle 4.8%

Locale Loddon Golden
Ferryman's Gold 4.4%

Locale Loddon Pale
Hoppit 3.5%

Locale Loddon Bitter
Hullabaloo 4.2%

Locale Loddon Golden
Reading Best 4.0%

Locale Longdog Porter
Barrel Aged Gamekeepers Nightmare 6.2%

Locale Longdog Bitter
Bunny Chaser 3.6%

Locale Longdog Golden
Golden Poacher 3.9%

Locale Longdog Pale
Kismet 4.5%

Locale Longdog Porter
Lamplight Porter 5.0%

Locale Longdog Bitter
Red Runner 4.2%

Locale Longdog Bitter
Wobbly Whippet 5.0%

Loose Cannon Bitter
Abingdon Bridge 4.1%

Loose Cannon Golden
Falconet (Green Hop) 3.9%

Lyme Regis Bitter
Cobb 3.9%

Lyme Regis Lager
Golden Cap 5.4%

Mad Squirrel IPA
Roadkill Opaque IPA 6.5%

Mad Squirrel Pale
Sumo 4.7%

Mallinsons Golden
Anastasia 4.3%

Locale Malt the Brewery Bitter
Anniversary Ale 4.4%

Locale Malt the Brewery Bitter
Starry Nights 4.0%

Locale Malt the Brewery IPA
Voyager 5.0%

Marshall's IPA
Wellhouse IPA 5.0%

Locale Moog Stout
Apocalypse Cow 7.2%

Moor Beer Golden
Nor' Hop 4.1%

Nelson Mild
Midshipman Mild 4.0%

Nelson Bitter
Spanker 4.2%

Oakham Ales Golden
Bishops Farewell 4.6%

Oakham Ales Pale
Citra 4.2%

Oakham Ales Golden
JHB 3.8%

Ossett Pale
Excelsior 5.2%

Ossett Pale
Silver King 4.3%

Otley Bitter
O3 Boss 4.4%

Otley Pale
O5 Hop Angeles 4.8%

Penzance Mild
Mild 3.6%

Penzance Golden
Trink 5.2%

Phipps NBC Speciality
Becket's Honey 4.5%

Ramsbury Pale
Sunsplash 4.0%

Ramsgate Bitter
Gadd's No.5 4.4%

Ramsgate Stout
Gadds Black Pearl Oyster Stout 6.2%

Rebel Bitter
Eighty Shilling 5.0%

Rebel IPA
Surfbum IPA 3.5%

Locale Rebellion Bitter
Engineer 4.2%

Locale Rebellion IPA
IPA 3.7%

Locale Rebellion Bitter
Red 4.7%

Locale Rebellion Dark
Roasted Nuts 4.6%

Locale Rebellion Bitter
Smuggler 4.2%

Locale Rebellion Bitter
Zebedee 4.7%

Red Cat Bitter
Kairos 4.4%

Red Cat Golden
Scratch 4.0%

Red Cat Pale
Tomcat 4.7%

Redemption Pale
Trinity 3.0%

Redemption Bitter
Urban Dusk 4.6%

Redemption IPA
White IPA 5.7%

Reedley Hallows Stout
New Laund Dark 4.4%

Locale Reunion Speciality
Talwar 4.5%

Locale Reunion IPA
Vanilla Black IPA 4.9%

Rudgate Mild
Ruby Mild 4.4%

Salopian Golden
Hop Twister 4.5%

Salopian Golden
Treasure Trove 4.0%

Saltaire Pale
Blackberry Cascade 4.8%

Sarah Hughes Mild
Dark Ruby 6.0%

Locale Sherfield Village Golden
Admiral Single Hop 4.3%

Locale Sherfield Village IPA
Green Hop IPA 4.8%

Locale Sherfield Village Porter
Pendragon Porter 5.4%

Locale Sherfield Village Bitter
TBA 3.9%

Shiny Golden
Affinity 4.6%

Shiny Pale
Happy People 4.2%

Sonnet 43 Bitter
Abolition 3.8%

Sonnet 43 Blonde
Seraphim 4.1%

Locale Stardust Pale
Easy Pale 3.8%

Locale Stardust Speciality
Moondust 4.8%

Locale Stardust Bitter
PK3 5.6%

Stonehenge Golden
Danish Dynamite 5.0%

Stonehenge Lager
Great Dane 4.6%

Surrey Hills IPA
Greensand IPA 4.6%

Surrey Hills Mild
Hammer Mild 3.8%

Surrey Hills Bitter
Ranmore Ale 3.8%

Tapstone Pale
Wild Woods 4.8%

Locale Thames Side Porter
Black Swan Porter 5.5%

Locale Thames Side Speciality
Dry-hopped Wryneck (Simcoe) 5.6%

Locale Thames Side IPA
Egyptian Goose IPA 4.8%

Locale Thames Side Golden
White Swan Pale Ale 4.2%

Thornbridge IPA
Jaipur 5.9%

Thornbridge Pale
Jaywick 4.8%

Locale Thurston Golden
Horsell Hop 4.0%

Locale Thurston Pale
Un-American Pale Ale 4.6%

Locale Tillingbourne Golden
AONB 4.0%

Locale Tillingbourne Golden
Falls Gold 4.2%

Locale Tillingbourne Pale
Hop Troll 4.8%

Locale Tillingbourne IPA
Summit IPA 6.0%

Locale Tillingbourne Speciality
Surrey Sour 4.2%

Locale Tillingbourne Golden
The Source 3.3%

Tiny Rebel Bitter
Cwtch 4.6%

Titanic Speciality
Plum Porter 4.9%

Totally Brewed IPA
4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse 5.2%

Totally Brewed IPA
Guardian of the Forest 3.8%

Totally Brewed IPA
Punch in the Face 4.8%

Triple fff Bitter
Alton's Pride 3.8%

Locale Twickenham Bitter
Autumn Red 4.4%

Locale Twickenham Bitter
Grandstand Bitter 3.8%

Locale Twickenham Speciality
Mandarin Sky 4.2%

Locale Twickenham Bitter
Naked Ladies 4.4%

Locale Twickenham Bitter
Redhead 4.1%

Twickenham Bitter
Starry Night 5.4%

Locale Twickenham Bitter
Sundancer 3.7%

Two Cocks Bitter
1643 Roundhead 4.2%

Two Cocks Golden
Royalist 4.0%

Vale Bitter
Best Bitter 3.7%

Vale Mild
Black Swan 3.9%

Vale Golden
Brill Gold 3.5%

Vale Pale
Gravitas 4.8%

Vale Bitter
Red Kite 4.0%

Vale Pale
Vale Pale Ale (VPA) 4.2%

Vale Bitter
Wychert Ale 3.9%

Vale Pale
You Talking To Me 4.0%

Vibrant Forest Porter
Quality Cheat 4.0%

Locale Weird Beard IPA
5 O'Clock Shadow 7.0%

Locale Weird Beard Bitter
Little Things That Kill 3.9%

Locale West Berkshire Bitter
Good Old Boy 4.0%

Locale West Berkshire Mild
Maggs' Magnificent Mild 3.8%

Locale West Berkshire Pale
Mr Swift's Pale Ale 4.0%

Locale Wild Weather Pale
Betrayal 4.0%

Locale Wild Weather Bitter
Little Hoarse 3.4%

Locale Wild Weather Pale
Serendipity 3.9%

Locale Windsor and Eton Bitter
Canberra 4.0%

Locale Windsor and Eton IPA
Conqueror 5.0%

Locale Windsor and Eton Golden
Eton Boatman 4.3%

Locale Windsor and Eton Bitter
Guardsman 4.2%

Locale Windsor and Eton Lager
Keller Bier 4.6%

Locale Windsor and Eton Golden
Knight of the Garter 3.8%

Locale Windsor and Eton Golden
Parklife 3.2%

Locale Windsor and Eton Bitter
Windsor Knot 4.0%

XT Bitter
Five (5) 5.5%

XT Blonde
Fresh Hop One 4.2%

XT Bitter
Thirteen (13) 4.5%